Test Gear 2.5.1

Test Gear 2.5.1



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Date Added:01 February, 2013



Test Gear 2.5 provides motion graphics artists and video editors with a variety of test instruments to make objective measurements of their visual and audio work, all from within Adobe After Effects CS3, CS4, or CS5.

While the final measurement of any project is what it looks and sounds like, getting there has previously relied strictly on subjective viewing. Test Gear's objective measurement tools make it easyto check video levels and color balance, choose colors, view channel values in detail, and view digital audio, all within After Effects and without the need to apply effects just to make a measurement.

Test Gear provides standard waveform monitor and vectorscope displays so that your work can be analyzed in the traditional manner without expensive outboard equipment.

The waveform monitor can be formatted to show an entire frame or two fields. Options also include luma, luma plus chroma, parade, RGB, YRGB, and overlay style displays. The display can be calibrated in IRE units or millivolts, as you prefer.

In After Effects projects using 32-bit mode, Test Gear will display values above 1.0 in the waveform monitor, making it easy to see highlights which exist and may be brought into range using an appropriate plug-in, such as Color Finesse.

The vectorscope can be calibrated for 75% or 100% bars, and can be zoomed (using your mouse scrollwheel) for more precise examination of the important center portion of the display.


TE Provides a multitude of objective test instruments within Adobe After Effects.
TE Resolution independent to work with NTSC, PAL, SD, HD, and film.
TE Support for ITU.R 601, ITU.R 709, and SMPTE 240M color systems.
TE Standard waveform monitor and vectorscope display with numerous display options.
TE Histogram display with minimum, maximum, peak, and mean measurements.
TE Gamut display shows RGB, luma, and chroma levels.
TE Photoshop-style color picker with RGB, HLS, HSB, and grayscale modes.
TE Color swatch books make it easy to pick colors from a pre-approved set.
TE Image slice display shows channel levels through an arbitrary slice of the image.
TE Audio waveform monitor with optional level warnings.
TE Audio phase display with XY and stereo image modes.
TE Audio spectrum analyzer.
TE No need to apply an effect to get display.
TE Uses standard After Effects panels.

The vectorscope can also be set to display either Rec 601 or 709 calibration.
Release notes: New Release
TE Includes 64-bit plug-in for use with Adobe After Effects CS5.
TE Improved histogram, slice, and gamut display show color channel values > 1.0 in 32-bit After Effects projects.
TE New support for loading Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ase) color swatch books.
TE Automatically makes swatch books from Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator available within Test Gear, if those applications are installed.
TE Enhanced vectorscope with a zoom capability, using the mouse scrollwheel, makes it easier to see detail when white and black balancing.
TE Improved display performance.
[ Test Gear full changelog ]

Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x64

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